06 Feb

The role played by the church in society can never be underestimated. Religion has a major influence on the decisions and actions that people make in their everyday lives. Like Karl Marx put it, religion is the opiate of the masses. Christianity is one of the major religions in the world today. Christians base their belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is the role of the church to further these teachings and pass them on to the masses as Jesus Christ commanded in the Great Commission. The Great Commission is contained in the Gospel of Matthew chapter 28. In the Great Commission, the resurrected Jesus Christ instructs his disciples to "go and make disciples of all nations.

The Great Commission Baptist Church is an example of churches taking the gospel to the people to make them Disciples of Christ as per the last words of the Messiah before he ascended to heaven. The Great Commission Baptist Church believes that Jesus Christ established his body on earth in the church. The church is, therefore, a community that is established to make disciples. The Summerville Baptist Church has made the mission of making disciples an intentional lifestyle that is meant to turn people to God.

The great commission summerville sc church believes that every person is called to be a minister to spread the gospel through acts of love to God and love to the people. The people are called to spread the gospel at every opportunity with every person. The scope of the love of God is not limited and the gospel should be spread to the farthest places in the world and especially to the unreached masses in the world.

In furthering the gospel, the Great Commission Church Summerville uses different ministry strategies. These include the women ministry, student ministry, missions and outreach, GCBC men and the children's ministry. The kids' ministry is meant to assist children and families to magnify God by making disciples. In this ministry, the riverbluff church supports parents in their role of leading children to love Jesus Christ. The Student Ministry is designed to lead students in the 7th -12th grade in magnifying God by making disciples. This is the same case for the men and women ministries. If you are interested in spreading the gospel and making disciples, visit the South Carolina Great Commission Baptist churches and get involved.

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